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Yak Shaving

Hi there.

I had thought about the first post on my blog for quiet some time. Beside I am currently very busy in business, because a dead line is coming, but finally i found a small topic, I want to write about.

"yak shaving". The thing is, I've never heard this term before. I've heard this term for the first, i think it was in a key note of the NDC-Conference with Scott Hanselman and he talked about, how someone shaves a yak.

You have to know, that I am a german citizen, so I am not familiar with the all the nice phrases you have. We have some of our own.

So here I want to say, that this term is awesome and it describes some of the tasks I am doing right now exactly as there are.

So nothing special on my first post, but this was some i want to talk about.

here is the current description of yak shaving:

yak shaving describes the task, that you have to do, to complete another task, the is needed to complete another task, that is finally related to complete the task, that you have actually want to complete. An if somehow your boss come and looks for you, how far you come to complete the wanted task, your are standing in the room and shaving a yak and doing some other things from the perspective of your boss than to complete the task he ask for. (And now, explain this to him ...)

Okay, maybe there are some other definitions out there. But i think that describes it well enough.