(Video Tutorial) F# - How to build a realtime themometer with F#, the SAFE-Stack and a RaspberryPi (GrovePi)

Welcome to a new (short) tutorial about: "How to build a realtime thermometer with F#, the SAFE Stack and a RaspberryPi (GrovePi)"

In this tutorial we will cover 4 things.

  • build a simple data stream for the temperature data in saturn

    • first with some random data, and as last step with the real data from my GrovePi
  • use saturn channels to build a web socket connection which sends the data to the web clients

  • use emlish to consume the web sockets messages and display the temperature and humidity

  • build an elmish wrapper around a react component, to display the data in a fancy way.

I have to admit, it's the software part, not the hardware. The hardware was actually plugin the DHT-Sensor into the GrovePi Board. So Sorry if someone hoped for the hardware part.

Special Thanks to Zaid Ajaj, woh creates awesome stuff for Fable and Elmish.
Also Maxime Mangel for his work.
The Team of then SAFE-Stack, which makes it easy to start full stack web applictions.
The Creator of Saturn, for that easy wrapper around ASP.NET and Giraffe.
And Martin36 for this fancy gauge react control.


The Project on Github:

The Gauge Control: